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    Abano Terme is a small and quiet spa resort town that’s surrounded by the Euganean Hills, just south of Padua city in the Veneto region. You can reach the town within a 45-minute drive west of Venice. Naturally, visitors come here to experience the soothing thermal baths and Roman spas, with curative mineral-rich waters fed by ancient springs.

    There are a few charming old churches in and around town, as well as historical landmarks that hark back to Roman times. Most are within easy reach along uncrowded streets, which interconnect the town’s unique piazzas and hilly parks. But there’s more to the town than just spas and sightseeing. Here, we show you some of the top things to do in Abano Terme in a day or two. 

    What are the best things to do in Abano Terme?


    Start the Day at Viale delle Terme

    The historic centre of town

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    As a spa town, Abano Terme is quaint and placid, even on walks through its historical centre along the main street of Viale delle Terme. You can start from the roundabout at Piazza Repubblica in front of Hotel Roma, northeast towards Duomo San Lorenzo, one of the town’s historical landmarks with its 14th-century campanile. The uncrowded street is lined with classical hotels, small shops and cafés, many of which feature outdoor terrace setups overlooking the street. Near the Duomo, check out Piazza del Sole e della Pace with its giant sundial. 

    Atrašanās vieta: Viale delle Terme, Abano Terme, Italy

    Darba laiks: 24 hours


    Enjoy a Roman Spa

    And soak away in a mineral-rich pool

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    The best way to literally immerse yourself in an Italian spa resort like Abano Terme, is by experiencing one of their spas. Most of the classic hotels along Viale delle Terme feature spas with thermal pools that use mineral-rich waters. They help relax your muscles and regulate high blood pressure. You’ll need to pay extra for the spa facilities or treatments at the hotel you’re staying at. For instance, a thermal bath at a 5-star hotel such as the Hotel President Terme or Piscine Termali Leonardo da Vinci is around €30.


    Must-See: Montirone Hill

    Abano Terme’s central park

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    This small hilly park is where the ancient Sorgente Montorine springs of Abano Terme flowed during Roman times, eventually having villas and spas built around it. Now, you can still see the intact remains of its stone tubs and magnificent tall-pillared gate. The 2 buildings on both sides are the pinacoteca or art galleries (entry is free). One houses historical paintings and engravings, while the other features contemporary arts. The pools and springs have long dried up, but the surrounding park is leafy and green, great for a pleasant walk in the park.

    Atrašanās vieta: Via P. d’Abano, Abano Terme, Italy

    Darba laiks: Tuesday – Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm and from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm


    Try a Mud Bath

    Fango feels better than it sounds!

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    Besides soaking your sore muscles away at a thermal pool, another unique way to experience the spa town of Abano Terme is through a fango termale (mud bath). Almost all hotels in town have the treatment on their spa menus, but you’ll usually need to undergo prior consultation for certain heart conditions. The heated mud (usually exceeding normal body temperature, up to around 40°C) can drastically lower blood pressure, which can leave you feeling totally relaxed, even long after completing your 30 or 45-minute treatment.


    Be Spiritually Inspired at Santuario della Mado

    An Augustine grotto with sacred springs

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    Take in Abano Terme’s beautiful Euganean countryside with this beautiful church and its pointed bell tower set against the green foothills. On both sides of the 15th-century Santuario della Madonna della Salute (Sanctuary of the Madonna of Health) you’ll find a smaller parish and an adjacent monastery that serves as a religious guesthouse. A visit here takes you back in time through its grotto, old frescoes and fountain that’s considered to have played a miraculous role in ending the plague that swept the region. You can reach the church in around 6 minutes by car from Viale delle Terme through Via Monteortone. Entry’s free but proper attire is a must.

    Atrašanās vieta: Via Santuario, 63, Monteortone, Abano Terme, Italy

    Darba laiks: Monday and Thursday from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm and Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 12 pm

    Tālrunis: +39 (0)49 8669447


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    Check the Time at Piazza del Sole e della Pace

    The “square of sunshine and peace” with a giant sundial

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    Where Viale delle Terme meets Via Matteotti, you can veer into this wide space that features a multi-coloured marbled floor and surrounded by colonnades under pink buildings. The piazza is also referred to by locals as Piazza della Meridiana, thanks to the meridian line markings on the tiles. A giant sundial towers over at its centre, where you can figure out the time of the day as it casts a shadow over the points along the 10-metre-radius semicircle. Three bronze plaques also list the solstices and equinoxes.

    Atrašanās vieta: Viale Giacomo Matteotti, Abano Terme, Italy

    Darba laiks: 24 hours


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    Explore the Collection of the International Mask Museum

    A unique deviation from spas and thermal springs

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    The Museo Internazionale della Maschera Amleto e Donato Sartori (Sartori International Mask Museum) houses some rare collections of masks by the late Italian poet and sculptor, Amleto Sartori, and his son, Donato. Among the collection are their own lifetime works, alongside a huge variety of ethnic samples from around the world that they’ve diligently collected and cared for from their extensive travels. Tickets to the museum are around €7, and you can opt for guided group tours with an additional €3 per person (bookings are necessary, with a minimum of 10 persons per group). 

    Atrašanās vieta: Via Savioli, 2, Abano Terme, Italy

    Darba laiks: (October – April) Tuesdays from 9 am to 3 pm, Wednesday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm. (May – September) same times, with Sunday from 5 pm to 8 pm

    Tālrunis: +39 (0)49 860 1642


    Admire the Fresco at San Daniele Monastery

    With hilltop panoramas over Abano Terme

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    Around a half-hour drive southwest from Montirone Hill along Via San Daniele, you’ll come across this other green hill with the charming Monastero di San Daniele (San Daniele Monastery) at its top. Belvedere terraces adorn its front while scenic orchards cover the eastern slope down beside it. Step over the marbled staircase and enter the church to find the hallowed space with angelic statues on its gables, paintings of the nativity scene, and its altar colourfully lit by a rose window. Also check out the dome ceiling with the fresco of Saint Daniele ascending to the heavens.

    Atrašanās vieta: Via San Daniele, Abano Terme, Italy

    Darba laiks: October – April from 10 am to 12 pm and from 3.10 pm to 5.30 pm daily, May – September from 10 am to 12 pm and from 4 pm to 6.30 pm daily. Closed Sundays.

    Tālrunis: +39 (0)49 866 9149


    Fotoattēla avots: Fischer.H (CC BY-SA 4.0) apstrādāts


    Enjoy Italian Seafood at Aubergine

    Mediterranean delights in the heart of town

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    Just a short walk south from Parco Montirone in downtown Abano Terme, this restaurant offers a great selection of seasonal and regional cuisine, highlighting Mediterranean seafood delights. These range from scallops au gratin to octopus salad and pan-cooked lambchops (starters from €10, with mains from around €15). Ristorante Aubergine is also a popular evening spot for pizzas (their smoked salmon pizza is a local favourite). If you visit in the summer, consider a spot on its outdoor terrace overlooking the leafy green gardens. 

    Atrašanās vieta: Via V. Ghislandi, 5, Abano Terme, Italy

    Darba laiks: Wednesday – Monday from 12.30 pm to 2 pm and from 7.30 pm to 11 pm

    Tālrunis: +39 (0)49 866 9910


    End the Day Partying at Victoria Club

    Dine, drink or dance the night away

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    For a stylish night out with a well-stocked bar, head down to Victoria Club, which is part of the Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria on Via P. D'Abano. The bar and club regularly features live music, ranging from jazz to bands playing hits from the 70s and 80s’. To help you chill out, the bar offers a selection of cognacs, cigars and prosecco. Cocktails are from €15 with popular tiki style selections that include classics like the Blue Hawaiian and Zombie. Choose a spot at the candlelit tables to wait for the right tune for hitting the dance floor.

    Atrašanās vieta: Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria, Via P. D'Abano, 1, Abano Terme, Italy

    Darba laiks: Thursday – Monday from 9.30 pm to 2 am

    Tālrunis: +39 (0)49 866 5100

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