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New York Inn

2,5 zvaigznes
765 8th AveŅujorkaNY10036Amerikas Savienotās Valstis, ‏800 04194‎ (BEZ MAKSAS no fiksētajiem tālruņiem)
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1,5 / 5
  • This place is a dump. Construction devris in the hall. No internet. Ancient grubby…jūl. 28, 2016
  • Filthy - disgusting - sheets not even fitted on bed - no remote as per front desk - mold…jūl. 22, 2016
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New York Inn

Viesnīcas informācija: 800 04194‎ (BEZ MAKSAS no fiksētajiem tālruņiem)

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  • Inn New York
  • New York Inn
  • New York Inn Hotel
  • Hotel New York Inn


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  • Inn New York
  • New York Inn
  • New York Inn Hotel
  • Hotel New York Inn


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Jaunākās atsauksmes

1,5 /5 from 225 reviews

New York Inn
Vāji1,0 / 5
I know why wife wouldn't let me read reviews.
Ok, for starters there are no elevators. I highly recommend leg and arm exercises prior to your stay. Luckily I did just that. Ask for a room that is as low as possible. The lock on the door requires a Masters or PH D to open. I do not have either but luckily the house keeper assisted us. Once we were inside the room i was in awe of how small the room was. I was willing to bet my wife that I could urinate into the toilet while standing at the edge of the bed. She did not take the bet. Ideally this room is for one person. There is no furniture or closet. Your furniture is whatever luggage you have. There is no safe. So leave your valuables at home. If you have valuables you probably wouldn't be staying here. I am filing this under last minute short stay booking. The bathroom is a joke. Not much pressure from the shower head. Standing in the rain is a better option. There is no hot water. The bed feels like cardboard. I was too scared to look underneath. Overall I challenged myself to be out of the room as much as possible and promised myself to not be cheap on hotels, even if it's only for 2 nights. The only saving grace was the location is good and front desk staff is friendly.
2 nakšu romantisks ceļojums
New York Inn
Vāji1,0 / 5
Time Square Hotel Horror
there is no lift/elevator and they have floors up very high! you will be responsible to carry everything up in a very narrow stairs way. the floors are unstable and appear to very weak... the room. oh my goodness was small which was fine but the mattress was horrible to sleep on there was no flat sheet on a dingy spread to cover up. we checking in about 3 am and had agreed ed to 1pm check out to sleep in. by 1045am. there were knocks on the Doors reminding guest it's time to check out... save yourself the trouble..... u have now been warned!
1 nakts romantisks ceļojums
New York Inn
Vāji1,0 / 5
Rats and Mold
if you are someone who enjoys sleeping with the lights on in an attempt to scare off rats, taking cold showers in a moldy 2ftx2ft shower, and don't like to have running water - this place is for you! if you are any sane person, stay away from this place at all costs!! rats in the building/rooms, mold all over the rooms, sink barley even drips water (had to brush teeth with bottled water), small/disgusting/tiny showers, and AC that barley works (and there is no heat FYI if you are planning on traveling in the winter). I regularly travel to New York and this is the most disgusting place I have ever stayed, I actually wanted to vomit when I had to get in the shower (which FYI - going to the Duane Reed across the street and getting some baby wipes to clean off with would probably be more sanitary than getting in a shower here). also just found out they were just recently closed down by the health department, not sure what idiot from there cleared them to open again... STAY AWAY!! oh, they also will come into your room during the day and move your stuff around to change sheets and towels even if you do not want them to...
2 nakšu romantisks ceļojums
New York Inn
Vāji1,0 / 5
So bad experience, to be avoided !
Horrible stay at the hotel: Dirty, smoking odour, expensive for its resort, no lift (4th floor), No curtains (exposed to the 8th ave), no hot water at 7pm, impossible to be refund (tentative to cancel), fake telephone to call reception, electrical dangerous in the bathroom (broken door by the way), bed full size (mattress with stains), .... I don't recommend this hotel which is out of normal standing for NyC. Even after being "upgraded" to the best room we could not wait to escape from this hotel in the morning!
1 nakts romantisks ceļojums
New York Inn
Labi3,0 / 5
The staff was very helpful.
1 nakts ceļojums

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New York Inn

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