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Fortloderdeila, Florida, Amerikas Savienotās Valstis — visas naktsmītnes
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Gallery One Private Condos

3,5 zvaigžņu naktsmītne3,5 zvaigznes
2670 East Sunrise Boulevard, Fortloderdeila, FL, 33304, USA

Kooperatīva tūristu mītne piejūras rajonā ar virtuvi; netālu ir Hjū Teilora bērzu pavalsts parks
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  • I booked this and was very reluctant at 1st, however I got the insurance from Expedia in…apr. 14, 2018
  • The hotel was very well located but when I made the reservation I did not notice that the…dec. 20, 2017

Gallery One Private Condos

  • Kooperatīva tūristu mītne, 1 divguļamā karaļa gulta un dīvāngulta, balkons, skats uz okeānu
  • Kooperatīva tūristu mītne, viena guļamistaba, virtuve, skats uz okeānu
  • Kooperatīva tūristu mītne, divas guļamistabas, divas vannasistabas
  • Kooperatīva tūristu mītne, 1 divguļamā karaļa gulta un dīvāngulta, balkons, skats uz kanālu
  • Zīmola kooperatīva tūristu mītne, viena guļamistaba, balkons, skats uz okeānu
  • Luksusa kooperatīva tūristu mītne, viena guļamistaba, balkons, skats uz okeānu
  • Paaugstināta komforta luksusa numurs, viena guļamistaba, balkons, skats uz kanālu
  • Kooperatīva tūristu mītne, 1 divguļamā karaļa gulta un dīvāngulta, balkons, skats uz kanālu
  • Kooperatīva tūristu mītne, viena guļamistaba, balkons, skats uz kanālu
  • Kooperatīva tūristu mītne, 1 divguļamā karaļa gulta un dīvāngulta, balkons, skats uz okeānu
  • Pilsētklases kooperatīva tūristu mītne, viena guļamistaba, balkons
  • Pilsētklases kooperatīva tūristu mītne, 1 divguļamā karaļa gulta un dīvāngulta, balkons

Kas atrodas naktsmītnes tuvumā


  • East Fort Lauderdale
  • Hjū Teilora bērzu pavalsts parks — 4 min. pastaiga
  • Bonetu māja, muzejs un dārzi — 10 min. pastaiga
  • Fortloderdeilas pludmale — 11 min. pastaiga
  • Lasolasas pludmale — 31 min. pastaiga
  • Loderdeilas forta pludmales parks — 41 min. pastaiga
  • Lasolasas bulvāris — 43 min. pastaiga
  • Upes kuģis „Jungle Queen” — 44 min. pastaiga


  • Fortloderdeila, Florida (FLL-Ziemeļfortloderdeilas - Holivudas starptautiskā lidosta) — 15 min. brauciens (12,8 km)
  • Maiami, Florida (MIA-Maiami Starptautiskā lidosta) — 39 min. brauciens (53 km)
  • Fortloderdeila, Florida (FXE-Fortloderdeilas administratīvā lidosta) — 23 min. brauciens (15 km)
  • Bokaratona, Florida (BCT) — 34 min. brauciens (35,6 km)
  • Maiami, Florida (OPF-Opalokas izpildvaras lidosta) — 32 min. brauciens (40,4 km)
  • Maiami, Florida (MPB-Publiskā hodroplānu bāze) — 35 min. brauciens (50,7 km)
  • Fortloderdeilas dzelzceļa stacija — 10 min. brauciens (8,8 km)
  • Fortloderdeilas dzelzceļa stacija — 10 min. brauciens (8,9 km)
  • Fortloderdeilas Saipreskrīkas dzelzceļa stacija — 12 min. brauciens (11 km)


Svarīgākās ziņas


  • 9 dzīvokļi


  • Diennakts reģistratūra
  • Izrakstīšanās laiks ir plkst. 11:00

Reģistrēšanās brīdī

  • Nepieciešama iemaksa (kredītkarte vai skaidra nauda)

  • Nepieciešams valsts izdots personu apliecinošs dokuments ar fotoattēlu

  • Jābūt vismaz 18 g. v.

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Turpināt meklēt „Fortloderdeila, Florida, Amerikas Savienotās Valstis”

Jaunākās atsauksmes

Labi — 7,2 No 79 atsauksmēm

Ļoti labi — 8,0
GOOD nice hotel.l LIKED
Is good area.
us1 nakts romantisks ceļojums
Izcili — 10,0
Great stay! Nice room!
This was perfect for our family! we had 7 people all together and we still had room for 1 more person. The condo was clean well kept and just comfortable. The only thing was house keeping did not come the whole time of our stay. We were told that if we need something we had to call a different number (which we did not have) I assume the condo was own privately and not by the Hotel its self. so we had to buy our own toilet paper and reuse towels. other than that we had a good time and our stay here was pleasant. well worth it and I would stay here again for sure!!! and the pool was great for the kids!!
erica, us4 nakšu ģimenes ceļojums
Vāji — 2,0
Total Disappointment and waste of saved money
This was a complete disappointment and truly feel like it ruined our family vacation. Saved for years for this vacation to be so disappointed to have wasted a huge amount of it. We will highly reconsider going thru again. We are truly terrified this experience will happen again. I have never been so disgusted and disappointed. We can never get those 2 weeks back and I feel terrible I put my family thru this. should very much consider removing this rental from their site. I feel terrible for whoever may rent from this place again. and If they want to contact me for more information I will freely give my number. Again, a this was a ruined vacation. Our family saved money for this trip and feel taken advantage of. Bugs everywhere, stains on carpet, Vomit on carpet, sour milk in dishes in cupboard, gum on carpet, beds uncomfortable and had bugs, no house cleaning, vacuum in closet had vomit and sour milk inside it and clogged with it, not enough towels and cloths, personal items from stranger in closet with opened food and alcohol laying around, refrigerator froze the food and ruined it, air conditioned wouldn't work, pullout couch bed was bent and VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, etc.... We were also told there would be free self parking and ended up paying for valet parking which was a huge amount from our savings. Tried to move but could not get a full reimbursement and had to stay. It was awful. Hotel has nothing to do with you at all! Nothing from hotel is included.
Julie, us12 nakšu ģimenes ceļojums
Vāji — 2,0
Not at all matching the Description
The Private Condos at GalleryOne in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were not at all what we were expecting. First, we called the resort to see if our room might be ready 1 hour early and were told unfortunately not as the condo owners would not allow early check ins. So we waited until our time, and when we arrived we checked in and found out there was a Valet Fee of $35 a day. Not what we expected, but we paid it and went on. We got our room keys, and went to drop off our bags. We were given room 1030 with two queen beds and a balcony. We got to the room and there was mold covering parts of the ceiling as seen in the pictures below. This was unacceptable. We also learned that the two night stay did not include any maid service which was OK and did not include more than one roll of toilet paper and no paper towels for the kitchen. So we continued to look past that and move on with our evening. We left the room and headed down to the pool to relax. We found some chairs and an umbrella for shade and noticed that the pool was in working order but that the hot tub was not working. Again we tried to look past that. The room itself was fine as we had a place to relax, eat, shower, and sleep, but the up keep of the room itself was awful. Oh and by the way, during a shower a little friend came by to greet in the form of a cockroach. Again not acceptable. Would we use these condos again? Probably not. Would we recommend them to someone? No.
patrick, us2 nakšu ģimenes ceļojums
Ļoti labi — 8,0
Disappointing Stay
No maid service, clean towels or linens, or even toilet paper were furnished after two days; the explanation given by the front desk was that the unit I had booked was "privately owned," although the room contained notices placed near the phone to contact the Doubltree/Hilton front desk should I need anything at all. If it was a private unit, why were these notices posted in the unit at all, and furthermore, why was I not notified by this information upon booking? This experience makes me doubt's honesty and reliability, and the Doubltree/Hilton hotel's choice to affiliate themselves with a hotel that provides both accommodations under their name and also ones that are "privately-owned," causing much disappointment and confusion on my part during my much-anticipated vacation. Very aggravating situation that marked my stay with frustration.
Chalmos R., us4 nakšu ceļojums ar draugiem

Gallery One Private Condos

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